This volume was given to
me, Leif Stefan Kirschenbaum,
on Thursday, May 6, 1993, by
Joshua Slocum Kirschenbaum
and Shannon Olds at the
rehearsal dinner the night before
their wedding on May 7th.
(It was a beautiful wedding)

I was a groomsman at the
ceremony at a hotel in Cleveland.

My trip of several weeks in October of 1997 to San Francisco, Hawaii, Japan, and Hong Kong
San Francisco, Hawaii, Japan, and Hong Kong
My trip of two and a half weeks to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador from November 1 to November 19 in the year 2002
The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador

A few notes about these journal entries:

The journal is a very nice volume of medium weight cream colored pages bound in green leather which is ornately tooled with leafy patterns. The sides of the pages are patterned in swirling colors such as are found in Venice.

I write in this volume solely using a fountain pen which I refill from an ink bottle - no ink cartridges for me. I have dedicated the volume to be used to record my impressions of interesting travels I have taken.

An example journal page

Since I write in cursive, add diagrams, and take photographs separately from the journal I have made a few accomodations in order to transcribe my journal entries to web-page format. I have not merely scanned in my journal pages because my handwriting is nearly illegible, scanned pages would take up too much room, and I could not intersperse photographs. On the web pages I use bold to indicate where I printed a word or phrase, which I do in my journal to make that word or phrase stand out from a page of cursive writing. I transcribe my writing as I wrote it, mispellings and all. On occasion I will code a word or phrase as a hyperlink as I find appropriate. For instance, first mention of the capital city of Ecuador, Quito, will have that city's name hyperlinked to the city of Quito home page. When I have interspersed photographs with the journal text I have appended captions to the photographs in green, for they were not originally part and parcel of my journal entries. Each individual journal entry starts a new web page; some are short and some are very long, depending on how many photographs I may have added.